Meretize Financing

If qualified through Meretize, you will have to make a down payment to Georgia Institute of EMS and then the remainder will be used through Meretize. We can break the down payment up into payments for you. If we break the down payment up, there is a $200.00 financing fee that does not go towards the tuition. You would then make the down payment to the school and the remainder will go through Meretize in which they will not require you to make payments on until after you graduate. They typically offer 1, 3, and 5 year terms.


To start the Meretize qualification process please choose the program in which you are wanting to attend below. Beside each program option you will see the amount in which you will need to use when applying with Meretize. Please input the through Meretize amount below in the field in the Meretize application that asks for amount.


EMT Traditional $3.050.00 through Meretize/$1,000.00 down payment 

EMT Flex $4,000.00 through Meretize/$2,000.00 down payment 

EMT/AEMT Traditional Combo $5,550.00 through Meretize/$2,000.00 down payment 

AEMT Traditional $3050.00 through Meretize/$1,000.00 down payment 

AEMT Flex $4,000.00 through Meretize/$1,000.00 down payment