The Emergency Medical Technician

The Emergency Medical Technician ( EMT ) is the starting point for anyone wanting to enter into the Emergency Medical Services, or EMS.  In the State of Georgia, to become an EMT one must attend and successfully complete a state approved entry level EMT course. Our  EMT course is designed to prepare students in the knowledge and skills necessary to become competent emergency medical technicians in the field.  It is our philosophy that mastering the craft of the EMS profession will enable candidates the ability to successfully complete the National Registry of EMT's ( NREMT ) psychomotor and cognitive exams.




We offer this program in two different pathways.

  • Traditional
  • Flex

The traditional pathway will take approximately 8 months to complete. You will have deadlines/due dates for assignments through the online course room and you will have to be at the school 1 day a week for the in person skill labs. (Typically the same day each week from 6:00 PM EST until 10:00 PM EST)

The flex pathway also known as the accelerated program allows the student to finish at their pace. You will have 12 months to complete the program but can finish it within your time frame. 5 weeks, 10 weeks, 3 months, 5 months, etc... You will work with your personal instructor to develop your timeline. As far as coming in for labs you will schedule that with your instructor with a notice. Labs are typically given in 4 hour blocks. Our availability for in person labs for flex students are as follows:

  • Monday through Thursday 9:00 AM EST - 10:00 PM EST
  • Fridays 9:00 AM EST - 6:00 PM EST
  • 2 Saturdays a month from 8:00 AM EST - 5:00 PM EST

* Holidays and other closures for things such as inclement weather and trainings can affect the above hours.


For any questions or if you would like to speak to us in more detail about the pathways call us at 678-561-2368 option 1 or use the link below to request a contact.