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Accelerated EMT Class Structure

Classroom Activities

Students will have the opportunity participate in many different learning activities in class.  GaIEMS has 2 types of accelerated learning opportunities, 5 week courses and 10 week courses.

Our 5 week course meets Monday - Friday from 9am-6pm and our 10 week program meets two (2) days a week from 9am-6pm. Accelerated students will participate in lectures, discussions, presentations, quizzes, exams and games to reinforce learning are just a few examples of what to expect in class.

Online Class Activities

At Georgia Institute of EMS, we take great pride in our online learning strategies that have been developed to help accelerated EMT students succeed in the program.

Our instructors are specially trained in online / hybrid learning strategies in order to help students accelerate through the EMT program in a shorter period of time without losing program quality. Our accelerated students will have the ability to participate and / or review online lectures 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Hands On Labs

Hands on labs are a vital part of any EMT training program.  All Emergency Medical Technicians must have the ability to apply what they have learned in the classroom in order to save lives. At GaIEMS, our instructors will help students develop hands on skills by offering skill labs with simulation exercises based on real life experiences that will be encountered the field.

Our lab instructors bring with them many years of real world experience. Many are leaders in the EMS community and all have committed to helping you achieve success.

Field Clinical Training

Clinical training is often cited as being the funnest part of the course.  Here, students will ride with an experienced EMT preceptor that will introduce them to operating in the field working with actual patients.

Students will have the ability to function with an experienced preceptor who will ensure student and patient safety at all times. Students will get to apply classroom knowledge directly in the field.

Featured Class: Traditional EMT Course


Are you in a hurry and needing to complete your initial EMT course quickly?  If so, then you are in luck! At GaIEMS we take great pride in our award winning EMT programs, especially our Accelerated EMT courses. We have offered these courses for over 7 years with great success.

The Accelerated EMT Program builds students in the Emergency Medical Services by presenting some of the most experienced faculty and staff in Georgia.  Our talented and experienced EMS Instructors are all trained in utilizing the 4 core areas of learning: In Class Learning, Hybrid / Online Learning, Hands On Labs, and In Field Clinical Learning.

The Accelerated EMT Class in presented in 2 different formats and students electing for the accelerated option will need to chose one.   Available options include our 5 week or 10 week option.



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At Georgia Institute of EMS, we take great pride in teaching students to become EMT's ready to make an impact on their communities. Grades are not everything, and we want to develop the student into a well-rounded EMT that is capable and ready to serve the public.

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