Barbara Kamplain

Academic Coach Flex EMT/AEMT

Personal Overview

Meet Barbara Kamplain, fondly known to many as Barbs or Barbie. A seasoned professional in both the healthcare and entertainment sectors, Barbara's journey has been nothing short of inspirational.

Professional Journey

Barbara holds a distinctive dual role as both an Academic Coach Flex EMT/AEMT and a Faculty at the Georgia Institute of EMS. She boasts 7 years in the EMS field, complemented by an impressive 32 years as a Registered Nurse.

Having pursued her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Saint Paul University, College of Nursing in Iloilo City, Philippines, she furthered her academic achievements with an MSN and MBA HCM from the University of Phoenix, Arizona Campus. Her credentials are underpinned by her status as Cum Laude in BSN, memberships in both the Philippine Nurses Association and American Nurses Association, and her notable affiliations as an alumna of Saint Paul University and the University of Phoenix.

Before transitioning to EMS, Barbara excelled in various medical capacities, including roles in the Medical-Surgical, Geriatric, Psychiatric, and Obstetrics/Gynecology sectors. She has also showcased her leadership abilities in positions such as the Charge Nurse in hospital acute care units, Long-term care nursing home and hospital Supervisor, and a specialized role as a Wound care/Ostomy specialist. Barbara has extended her services as an Instructor to EMR, EMT, and AEMT students, infusing her extensive healthcare knowledge into the EMS sector.

Personal Touch

Diving deeper into her personal journey, Barbara’s inspiration from her paramedic husband has left an indelible mark. She states, “My husband is a true paramedic. His examples in teaching and inspiration to his students are memorable.” It's evident that her commitment to EMS stems from a passion for patient care. After many rewarding years in nursing, she felt a pull toward EMS, hoping to inspire and address the pressing need for professionals in this field.

Teaching future EMTs and AEMTs allows Barbara to witness their transformation – from personal and professional growth to the lasting impact they make in their communities. Beyond her professional pursuits, Barbara is a woman of many talents. She has a passion for music, voice, and playing musical instruments like the guitar and piano. She enjoys ballroom dancing with her husband and even dabbled in stage and Broadway performances during her younger years. Interestingly, Barbara once considered pursuing a career in Agriculture, majoring in sugarcane farming and livestock, much like her father.

Vision & Goals

Barbara sees a challenging road ahead for EMS, primarily due to staffing shortages. However, she's determined to inspire the younger generation to consider a career in this rewarding field. To those embarking on their EMS journey, she advises, “Take the challenge wholeheartedly. EMS will make you a better person, leading you to a fulfilling professional career.”

Connect with Barbara

For those eager to tap into Barbara's wealth of knowledge or simply seek guidance, she can be reached via email at