IMG_4188 - Jason Hale

Jason Hale

Adjunct Instructor


Dive into the rich career and persona of Jason Hale, an indispensable pillar at the Georgia Institute of EMS. With a staggering 30 years in the EMS arena, Jason extends his vast expertise as an Adjunct Instructor, shaping the future torchbearers of EMS.

Professional Trajectory

Jason’s multifaceted qualifications encompass an RN, EMT-P, and CFRN. His academic journey led him to Gwinnett Technical, where he qualified as a Paramedic. Later, he honed his nursing skills by obtaining an Associate of Science in Nursing from Darton College.

Within EMS, Jason has displayed versatility, taking on roles such as a Flight Medic and Firefighter. He's also stood tall as an EMS Captain, showcasing his leadership and decision-making acumen. Over the years, he’s affiliated himself with renowned institutions like GEMSA, NAEMT, and ENA, signifying his dedication to continuous learning and excellence.

The Pedagogic Side

For Jason, the shift into education was a natural progression. For 7 years, both at the institute and in the broader EMS teaching space, he’s sculpted and nurtured budding EMTs and AEMTs. Among his cherished memories at the institute, the initiation of the organ labs stands out. When asked about his motivation behind teaching, Jason succinctly sums it up as "molding the future of EMS."

Personal Interests & Revelations

Away from the hustle and bustle of EMS, Jason finds solace in the great outdoors, with hunting and fishing being his favored pursuits. But, it's not all about rugged adventures! An intriguing facet of Jason’s persona that might raise eyebrows is his keen interest in ballroom dance lessons, showcasing a diverse range of interests.

Vision and Guidance

Contemplating the trajectory of EMS, Jason foresees a more technologically advanced realm, emphasizing the increasing necessity for refined education. His counsel to anyone stepping into the EMS world is profound and heartfelt: "Make it a passion."

Stay Connected

Whether you're a curious student or a fellow colleague, Jason encourages interactions via Email or Text, showcasing his approachability and commitment to the EMS community.