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Jeremy Webb

Chief Administrative Officer


678-561-2368 (option 1)

Personal Overview

Meet Jeremy Webb, the Chief Administrative Officer at the Georgia Institute of EMS. With a robust background in law enforcement, Jeremy transitioned into the education realm with a passion for making a positive impact on people's lives.

Professional Journey

Jeremy's professional journey began at Clayton Regional Law Enforcement Academy, where he earned his POST certification, preparing him for a dedicated career in law enforcement. Transitioning from this rigorous background, Jeremy joined the Georgia Institute of EMS. Now, with 7 years under his belt, Jeremy has become an integral part of the institute's leadership.

At the Georgia Institute of EMS, Jeremy wears many hats. His key responsibilities encompass admissions, information technology, finances, and AHA CPR instruction. Reflecting on his time at the institute, a standout memory is of a single mom who hesitated for a year before finally deciding to join the program. Her journey from reluctance to becoming a successful firefighter is a testament to the profound impact of dedication, timely decisions, and quality education.

Personal Touch

Jeremy's commitment to the Georgia Institute of EMS stems from his desire to significantly influence people's futures, ensuring they are equipped with the best education and training to succeed in the field. Outside of his administrative role, he enjoys the thrill of riding his mountain bike, the peace of managing a 300-acre beef cow farm, and the adrenaline of participating in gaming tournaments as an amateur gamer. One might be surprised to know about his competitive streak in the gaming world!

Vision & Goals

For Jeremy, motivation thrives from seeing students blossom and achieve their dreams. He's driven by the knowledge that the institute's efforts pave the way for aspirants to carve out fulfilling careers. Looking ahead, Jeremy foresees his role as the Chief Administrative Officer evolving to harness technological advancements, aiming for constant betterment of student experiences. He also emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary connections within the institute, fostering synergy and enhancing the quality of education.

Financial sustainability, innovation, and student-centricity are pillars Jeremy stands by. He visualizes his department as the engine propelling the institute's growth, adaptability, and reputation. Moreover, he harbors ambitions to nurture future leaders, preparing someone to take on his role, as he seeks opportunities to catalyze growth in other institutional areas.

Connect with Jeremy

Students eager to get in touch with Jeremy can do so swiftly via WhatsApp, or by reaching out to the school at 678-561-2368 (option 1), or by dropping him an email at