IMG-2099 - Mallory Burroughs

Mallory Burroughs


Meet Mallory Burroughs, a dedicated Instructor at the Georgia Institute of EMS. With a commendable 7 years in the Emergency Medical Services field, Mallory possesses valuable certifications, including AEMT, BLS Instructor, and AEMT Instructor. Her journey in EMS isn’t her only professional experience; Mallory has intriguingly ventured into the world of commercial fireworks and has also worked as a para-pro.

In her EMS journey, Mallory has stepped into the vital role of an Event Medic. Although she has not taken up formal education post-high school, she is a proud alumnus of GAIEMS. With no specific affiliations or awards mentioned, her commitment to the field is evident through her work and experiences. Mallory has been shaping the future of EMS professionals for 6 years, and all those years have been at the Georgia Institute of EMS.

When asked about an impactful moment in her teaching career, she warmly recalls, "Watching a student who is struggling finally get it. You can actually see their entire demeanor change when the info clicks together." This highlights the passion and dedication she brings to her role as an instructor. Mallory's motivation to enter the EMS field was straightforward but profound; she wanted to help people. Her teaching philosophy is built on the foundation of making a difference. She finds immense satisfaction in knowing she's preparing individuals to be a beacon of hope and assistance on someone's worst day.

Outside of her professional commitments, Mallory is an avid reader and enjoys the art of crocheting. She also has a flair for cooking. An interesting tidbit that might raise eyebrows is her ATF certification to handle class B explosives - a facet of her that adds an intriguing layer to her personality.

When it comes to the future of EMS, Mallory envisions it playing a more significant role in community medicine and outreach. She aspires to possibly educate the general public on basic yet effective ways to provide care until a more trained professional can take over. To budding EMS aspirants, she offers a piece of advice that mirrors her determined spirit, "If you want it, you will make it happen. No excuses. Just keep pushing!"

For those eager to connect with Mallory, she can be reached via her email: